Supply of EnviroKlenz air purifiers to NSW Public Schools

To assist with a safer return to school, Clean Stream has supplied 1000 Enviroklenz air purifiers to classrooms in NSW via the Department of Education.

Their main role is the destruction of airborne aerosols (bacteria and viruses including COVID-19). With a medical-grade HEPA filter and chemical filter, it is the ultimate unit to maximise indoor air quality. We partnered with WINC Australia in this Department of Education tender in November 2021, planning for a return to school in 2022.

The Enviroklenz units offer not only removal of 99.9% airborne pathogens using germicidal UVC irradiation, but also airborne chemical vapours that affect so many chemically sensitive people, followed by a HEPA14 medical-grade HEPA filter. This removes any airborne irritants such as pollutants, dust, allergens and makes for an easier to breathe atmosphere for children and adults with respiratory ailments such as asthma.

EnviroKlenz is perfect for offices in the return to workspace for the same benefits above. Clean Stream is also in the middle of a media launch into the dental industry to offer airborne pathogen removal from dental surgeries.