We offer a wide range of certified, quality products across multiple industries and countries. Prevention of harm and injury has never been so important.

Since 2008, Clean Stream Technologies Pty. Limited (CST) has been the only regional business development company for the Timilon range of nano chemistry-based materials called FAST-ACT (First Applied Sorbent Against Chemical Threats).

CST has developed applications across market sectors such as Oil & Gas, Maritime, Petrochemical, Fire Brigade, Military, Civil Defence, Pharmaceutical and Hazmat agencies. Or wherever chemical threats are a potential threat to life. Our main territories are Australasia, SE Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Middle East, including Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kurdistan, Turkmenistan and the United Kingdom.

Since its inception, the companies have conducted research and development in reactive nanoparticles (RNP’s) and related technologies. They have developed worldwide opportunities for engineered solutions to remove and neutralise toxic chemical vapours found in the Maritime and Oil & Gas and refining industries.

This effort has been effectively and efficiently deployed in FAST-ACT, a revolutionary chemical hazard containment and neutralisation system.

FAST-ACT not only adsorbs toxic compounds but also chemically decomposes them in a non-reversible manner, which inhibits the possibility of desorption of captured agents. In addition, decomposition products are much less toxic or nontoxic and typically are in an easily disposable solid form.

Our path to the market is predominantly through distributor channels and agents and also supplies B2C and B2B. It has excellent flexibility in areas to focus on and can be highly reactive to market demand and requirements.


The onset of COVID and shut down of regions meant, at the start of 2020, CST realigned its business plan to utilise its expertise in infection control and decontamination.

2020 saw CST be one of the major importers of disposable respiratory masks and the expansion of personal protective equipment to the Australian market. 2021 sees the introduction of three new product categories as well as PPE and FAST-ACT.

  • ENVIROKLENZ air purification systems (removing airborne pathogens)
  • CITROX sanitisation. 6 months efficacy on hard surface killing bacteria and virus (incl. SARS-COV-2). Available in hard, soft, and mist spray formulations.
  • ZEOMED spill management systems for the handling of bloodborne pathogens in the workplace. Kits include cytotoxic chemical spills and general spills as well.
  • GLOVEON Nitrile glove range from Mun Australia. The leading powder-free TGA glove range for healthcare right through to industrial applications.
  • BOLLE safety glass range bringing AS/NZS standard protection in a range of fashion styles for all workers

Clean Stream Technologies has a global network of distributors and customers who rely on high-quality safety products tailored to their needs.

Proudly Australian-owned, we operate through other parts of the world to supply the industry’s best, quality assured and tested products.

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Clean Stream Technologiesis Australian owned, with an ever growing global reach.

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