Our products help take you out of harm's way
of infectious diseases and hazardous waste.

Clean Stream Technologies only supplies quality products, for a wide range of industries. Talk to us if you need Air Purification, Body Fluid Spill Kits, Personal Protective Equipment, Technical Grade Urea, Surface Sanitisation, Chemical Neutralisation or Gloves.

Air Purification for Viruses

Simple, safe and effective virus killing units for the Healthcare and Hospitality industries.

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Biohazard Spill Management

Biohazard spill kit products to minimise the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment for workers at the forefront of battling the global pandemic.

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Waste Water Treatment

For wash water and industrial water treatment systems.

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Hazardous Chemical Response

FAST-ACT Emergency response and hazardous chemical decontamination products.

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Emergency Decontamination - Showers

FSI decontamination showers are ideal in all manner or emergency situations.

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Emergency Decontamination - Shelters

FSI shelters offer privacy, comfort and protection against the worst elements.

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Clean Stream Technologies is Australian owned, with a global reach.